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Characteristics of Asylum Application

  • Any foreign national in the United States can apply for asylum. This will have no effect on any visa the foreign national may already possess.
  • You are encouraged to apply for asylum as early as is convenient. That is, upon arrival at a U.S. border crossing, or within 1 year of entry, or as soon as the circumstances of your home country change in a way that jeopardizes your return.
  • Asylum will be considered when the applicant can demonstrate that they will likely be persecuted if they return to their own country.
  • This threat of persecution must be based on the applicant’s race, nationality, political or religious beliefs, or membership in a group.
  • Being granted asylum allows the foreign national to live in the US indefinitely until circumstances in their own country change.
  • After one year of asylum, the foreign national may petition to become a permanent resident.

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