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  • The Violence Against Women Act allows family members (not limited to women) of abusive U.S. citizens or legal residents to file for a green card without the sponsorship or knowledge of the abuser.
  • Qualified applicants include:
    • Spouses who were abused by their spouse or who are the parent of a child who was abused by their spouse.
    • Children who are unmarried and under 21 and are the victims of abuse at the hands of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident may file on their own behalf. Children of an abusive parent who are under 25 may also be eligible if the abuse is the reason they had not filed yet.
    • Parents who have been abused by their U.S. citizen child.
  • The abuse needs to have taken place in the United States, or else in a foreign country while in the employment of the US government.
  • Qualified applicants must demonstrate that they lived with the abuser and, if over 14, that they individually possess good moral character.


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