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Characteristics of Green Cards

  • Green cards are permanent visas, allowing you to reside legally in the United States on a perpetual basis.
  • A foreign national may qualify for a green card through family relations, employment, significant investments or through special circumstances:
    • Family: you qualify for a green card if you are the immediate family member (spouse, parent, child or sibling) of a US citizen, or if you are engaged to a US citizen. You also qualify if you are the spouse or unmarried child of a permanent legal resident of the US. In all these cases, the US citizen or legal resident must be the one who files the petition on your behalf.
    • Employment: obtaining a green card through employment usually requires the process of Labor Certification. The exceptions to this are immigration accomplished through the EB1 Visa and National Interest Waivers.
    • Investments: a green card can be obtained by investing in specific ways in the US economy and immigrating via theEB5 Visa.
    • Special Circumstances: a Foreign national qualifies for special immigrant status if he or she is a religious worker, a medical doctor, has worked at the Panama Canal or for an international organization, is a juvenile court dependent, a member of the US Armed Forces, or is a citizen of either Iraq or Afghanistan who has worked for the US Government in those countries. Foreign nationals may also file for asylum.

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